One of my specialisations: Maritime recreation, specifically yachting. Sailing and motor boats. My work in this field: Daily business communication, marketing, translations, text production and researches. More precisely:

Communication and marketing for Flevo Sailing / Flevo Yachtcharter.  My main activity since October 2016. See here or click on the Flevo Sailing logo in the overview below.

Maritime Translations

Website texts, SEO optimised including graphical / text elements such as banners, menus, contact or feedback forms
Marketing material, e.g. brochures and folders for boat shows
Press releases
Periodical newsletters
Business correspondence
Social media postings
Technical documentation (owner’s manuals, on-board manuals for yacht charters)
Product specifications
Subtitles for (instruction of promotion) videos

Languages: NL –> DE or EN | EN –> DE | DE –> EN | IT –> DE or EN


Maritime researches and text production
It is no coincidence that yachting is interesting for me also from an environmental perspective. So there are two topics which have my special interest since a few years. I research about them with lots of pleasure and interest, in four languages. And I publish big part of my results continuously on three different webportals, in English:

Yacht Recycling

What happens to pleasure craft up to, say, 50 ft length once they have reached their end of life? Six millions cruising in and near European waters alone is an impressive number (an estimate of ICOMIA) . An exciting new industry branch is coming up in the nautical world. And its promoters are considered crankpots and get ridiculed, just like those who advocated computer and car recycling back then. Not for long any more, I dare write. See for yourself:



Sailing and the environment: Sailors21
What is the impact of sailing and motor yachts on our (mainly: maritime) ecosystems? How can harmful impacts get minimised while still sailing with pleasure? Can a yacht be powered by renewables, still looking like a yacht? And what are clean regattas? See here:



A worldwide business directory of natical companies and organisations offering sustainable products and services for the yachtinng world. Yacht Design, renewable energies aboard, eco-friendly maintenance products right up to yacht recycling. With Google Maps and other advanced search functions. The perfect complement to the other two websites mentioned here above:

Maritime translations: Sailors21_business_directory_logo

These are some of my yachting clients:


Maritime translations: C-YachtMaritime translations: Winner YachtsMaritime translations: Skips MaritiemMaritime translations: SkipsYachting
Maritime translations: Flevo Sailing Maritime translations: Lengers Yachts


Also, as volunteer contribution I translate web content, Dutch into German, for this association: Nautin.
They offer most recent nautical information for yachting among which the popular application Quicktide. The information presented on this web portal is gathered and reviewed with great accuracy by a diverse group of active sailors. They live and sail in the entire Netherlands right up to the German coast:

Maritime translations: Nautin



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