Website translations

Website translations, search engine optimised also in the target language. I translate your existing web content from English to very readable German web content.

For reaching your clients in other countries, It is an excellent idea to have your website in several languages, not only for the scope of an exhibition where you present your business. As I explained under translations, a multilingual website can save you and your staff loads of time as well. Your clients from abroad usually have many common questions, for instance. They want to know your terms and conditions. They are interested in a brochure, a route description, your opening times, and other. By answering these frequently asked questions you create additional confidence.

Also, a website often is the very first thing your potential new clients will see: Your digital signboard, so to speak. So would it hurt to be sure of a signboard that looks really great – and conveys your intention to really address your clients?

I am familiar with a variety of content management systems (CMS). This means: Chances are good that I’ll be able to place translated website texts directly into your cms, should that be of interest. A common alternative to this, of course, is delivery of translated text as simple text documents: One per translated page and provided with a link to the respective source text location on your website.

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