From my special area yachting, it was a natural step to also add tourism to my areas of expertise over time: My business is located at a marina, at the shores of the IJsselmeer. Lots of tourists from abroad come here every season, too, among which many Germans. Also, we got several beautiful nature parks nearby, such as The New Wilderness and many other attractions. So tourism became my third specialisation. Among other, I help local companies and organisations in that industry in their promotion, through translation of their websites,  brochures, magazines, flyers  and by providing strategic communication advice. Languages: Dutch to German and English.

Here are some of my regular clients:



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Also, I contribute volunteer translations, English to German, to the news portal Global Voices. It is a so called citizen journalism portal where not only professional journalists but also many laypersons publish articles. Which then get translated by volunteers into various languages. See below two recent working samples from the tourism section of that portal. You get to my respective German translation by clicking (top of page, right side) on “Read this post in Deutsch” while still on the English version of the article:


A Crowdsourced Project to Map the Amazon



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