Text production

A clear, well written text is worth a lot. I produce the following texts for you, directly written in German or English:

Articles and Blog posts. See here for details.

Website texts. Written in a way to be quickly and easily found by search engines. And that visitors arriving at your website get curious for more information. An FAQ section, written in the language of your visitors: Not only will you communicate to anticipate your client’s needs. You also will save considerable amounts of time with such a simple measure. Time which you or your staff members would otherwise be spending with answering the same kind of questions, giving the same explanations, again and again.

Presentations for international events. I have done simultaneous interpreting during international events on a regular base, for years. Many of these were conferences or technical trainings, of several days respectively, where presentations in two languages were displayed next to each other. Prior to the events I often translated or edited the presentations. That experience over time provided me with a rather clear idea about what can be called a good ‘story line’ of a presentation. And how it should be phrased in order to better reach and engage the audience. In simpler words: Should you need a presentation but feel eternally stuck at draft writing, get in touch.

Apart from the above, I can produce these texts for you, content-wise:

Brochures / folders
Periodical newsletters
Press releases
Social media postings / articles
Product descriptions
Technical explanation of procedures
Technical protocols
Website navigation

As you probably are aware of there are some essential differences between texts for web and print media. Portable devices being available to us everywhere, a  website still is read very differently than, say, a printed brochure or a flyer. I have long-term experience with writing for both publication modes, web and print.

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