Technical translations: Technical documentation, training materials and presentations in German and Italian

Technical translations into German. Technical documentation, training materials, presentations, product specifications. Industries: Transport, environment, ICT, maritime tourism.

Technical documentation. While working for seven years as technical editor in the transportation industry I produced a lot f technical documentation. I also did web content management of a well visited and used international dealer portal. And I digitised and structured the data of several thousand articles, as preparation for the import of that data into a database publishing system.  I know the terminology used in technical documentation. Including simplified technical English. And I can say to be familiar with publication procedures and their requirements. Much of that knowledge is transferable to other industries.

Presentations for your technical trainings and conferences.
Explanation of installation and maintenance procedures, management updates, logistic information,  upcoming product launches: Presentations differ a lot in contents and story line. I translated many presentations over time and once done this, I often provided simultaneous interpreting for the events where the presentation slides were displayed, side by side (German-English, German-Italian). Through this work I had the occasion to form a clear idea about what a real good story line and text is for a given presentation. Both for the speaker and the audience. In simpler words: Translation of your (English or Dutch) presentations into German is something I can do very well.

Training materials for your web based trainings.
Technical trainings take place via Internet with growing frequency, and rightly so. Web based learning environments offer some great chances in terms of resource saving and flexibility. Does your company or organisation already use such an environment? And would you be interested to have the training texts translated into other languages as well? I can provide you with good translations into German or Italian, very suitable for web based use.


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