The environment, a real complex field. So let me be more specific. Environmental translations to German and English, researching information in four languages and producing texts for three web portals in English from the results, I work prevalently the following areas thus far:

Renewable energies.
They already were a focus of my Environmental Studies done with The Open University UK, entirely in English. Concluded in 2012.

Since 2011 I am researching two specific topics: Sustainable sailing and recycling of pleasure craft (read: Sailing and motor boats):
The impact of yachting on our ecosystems: An ongoing research project which I named Sailors21, standing for sailing in our 21st century full of environmental challenges. How can we minimise harmful impacts on our ecosystems while still having fun with sailing? Can sailing yachts be powered by renewables? And much more.

Environmental translations English German: Sailors21 website

Closely related to that topic is my second research project, also going on since several years:
Yacht recycling. Chances, potentials, challenges for this new nautical industry branch in the making.

Environmental translations English German: Yacht recycling

And seen the fact that during my researches for both projects I gathered real big amounts of company / organisational data over the years, I decided to present big part of that data on a 3rd web portal: A global green business directory for the yachting word, called Sailors21 Business Directory. A spin-off from and complement to the other 2 sites.

Environmental translations English German: Sailors21 Business Directory
Also, here is one of my translation work samples, English to German, of a text about renewable energies for sustainable mobility. More precisely, about solar energy aboard pleasure crafts: Solbian_Energie_Alternative.
Environmental translations English German: Solbian SRL

Then there is the environment in terms of our fascinating terrestrial and marine ecosystems, of course. I read and translate a lot about protection and restoration of wildlife habitats. Generally speaking, another fine way to stay informed and fit in terms of translation capacity is my volunteer work for the German translators team at Global Voices, an international citizen journalism portal. Special thing with this portal – are 2 aspects: Not only professional journalists write here but also laypeople, which results in a very diverse reporting landscape. It is a great variety of authentic voices  “from the fields”. Plus, each article is translated in at least two other languages which enables people to share them across countries (read here: Language barriers) even more easily.

Environmental translations English German: Global Voices

Here follow several recent working samples I did for the portal Global Voices. Environmental translations English to German: You’ll get to the respective German version by clicking on the same page, top right side, on “Read this post in Deutsch“:

Solar Power Is Booming in India, But Will It Reach Those Who Need It Most?

Environmental translations English German: Solar power for India

How Do You Bring Electricity to 620 Million People?

Environmental translations English German: Electric power for millions in Africa

Your Social Media Photos Could Help Protect Whale Sharks and Other Species

Environmental translations English German: Protection of ocean wildlife

Nepal Is Using a Satellite Collar to Track a Snow Leopard Named Omi Khangri
Environmental translations English German: Nepal wildlife protection
‘Stop Destroying Our Communities For Coal We Cannot Use’
Environmental translations English German: Coalmining conflicts in Germany
Climate Change Is Behind Russia’s Shrinking Lake Baikal, Experts Say
Environmental translations English German: Climate change at lake Baikal
Amidst the Trauma of the Great Earthquake Nepalis Celebrate Unprecedented Conservation Successes
Environmental translations English German: Nepa wildlife protection - rhinos
How One Woman Reacted to China’s Terrible Smog
Environmental translations English German: Smog in China

The Marshall Island’s Momentum-Changing Proposal for Shipping Carbon Emissions

Environmental translations English German: Container shipping


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