Texts and translations for your international business.


You found a communication service provider specialised in environmentyachting  and tourism. Offered are texts and translations for your international business. More precisely:

Website translations including search engine optimisation / SEO writing. Translated texts in most cases can be placed directly into your content management system. From German, Italian, Dutch into English or from English, Italian, Dutch into German.

Technical translations among which web based training environments, product specifications and descriptions, environmental reports.

Business translations tailored to your needs: Be that in response to specific client inquiries, for sending out press releases or newsletters, product announcements – or as flexible temporary support for the planning of your international events.

Text production in German or English for web and print: Website content, articles, press releases, brochures for exhibitions, newsletters, presentations.

Summary writings: Specifically about environmental, yachting and tourism, but also general business related topics.

Goals of this service is to enable you as a company, organisation or independent professional to successfully extend your outreach to other countries. I do this by flexibly facilitating your communication with your foreign business partners, wherever you see fit: Through directed researches tailored to your interests. Also, by helping you to build up a professional web presentation. Or by writing great texts for your printed promotion material.

I’m a self-employed communication professional with very specific experience, knowledge and qualifications. German (D) is my native language. Besides my technical skills and experience I’m also familiar with three very different cultures – or should I say planets – the German, Italian and Dutch. That experience comes, among other, by having lived for years in the respective country and having worked with the locals there on a daily base. My company, based in The Netherlands at the shores of the IJsselmeer, is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. More detailed information is here.

Curious for more? Your questions and feedback are most welcome. Contact me also for a non binding offer.


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