Article writing about sustainable sailing, tourism, environment

Since many years I research about some favourite topics I have a special interest in: Sustainable sailing including the recycling of pleasure craft, sustainable tourism off the beaten paths in The Netherlands and renewable energies. For my articles I research in four languages: German, English, Dutch and Italian. This results in a very special mix of information sources and perspectives. The length of my articles varies from brief blog posts to longer and more extensively researched articles series.

See some writing samples here:

Sustainable sailing (English)
Renewable energy and other environmental innovation (English)
Yacht recycling (English)
Special tourism options in The Netherlands (German)

Article series:
Fibreglass recycling (English)
Marketing opportunities in Germany for Dutch tourism (Dutch)

Also, I can write brief company descriptions for you: In case you plan to get listed in German or Dutch business directories, for instance, or to exhibit at an international fair where the respective event website would show the company briefs. This would fall into the category micro articles. And if you happen to run a sustainable business active in the yachting world, take note of this opportunity: Permanent free registration in a global nautical business directory I created. See the company descriptions there to get an idea about the brief presentations I could write for your company, too. Being found is an excellent first step to selling products as we know!

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