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There is a frequently made assumption that translators should always only translate into their native language. There is an equally often made assumption that exceptions to this “rule” apply where a translator has dedicated – and at the time of offering translations, is still dedicating – a respective amount of time and professional effort to building up / keeping fresh the translating skills in the additional language. Efforts which result in a capacity to translate into that language as well. Depending on the subject field, that is.

I imagine you’d like to quickly get a clear idea about whether or not I could be a good match for your translation needs. So here is  a brief overview about my knowledge and preparation for each working language I offer:

I’m native German, born and raised in Germany. I did my entire school education in Germany including my translator studies later on. Also, I worked for a total of 12 years at Berlin city. Since many years I work with my co-nationals also from other countries. Meaning: Myself being based, for instance, in Italy or The Netherlands while being in frequent and very good contact with Germans.
I translate from and to German (D).

English (UK and US) has continuously been one of my very active working languages since 1987. It still is. That also included conference interpreting to and from English, for a variety of projects. 2012 I concluded a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Environmental Studies, done completely in UK English.
I translate from and to English (UK and US).

I work and live in The Netherlands since the summer of 2002. And grammatically speaking, my Dutch is certainly not perfect. But I have no problems to thoroughly understand texts in Dutch on a wide variety of subjects, or spoken Dutch. And you bet that some local flavours of Dutch are still excluded from this, such as real ‘pure’ Frisian. It’s like real ‘pure’ Bavarian in Germany – a language cosmos all of its own, be that with many points of contact to / common elements with the ‘official’ German.
I translate from Dutch (NL) to German and English.

1992 to 1995 I lived in the Italian South.
Directly afterwards, 1995 to 1997, I worked two years full time at a large civil construction site in Berlin city, a wonderful crazy and highly instructive time for any translator / interpreter. My job there was a mix of technical translating and interpreting, for the workers, technicians and managers of the construction site. While not working there, i.e. in the evenings and weekends, I did my translator studies for the combination German / Italian. As distance study, with the professional college Akad at Stuttgart (D). Diploma in July 1997.
I translate from Italian to German and English.

Besides general business communication, over the years 3 specialist areas have emerged as preferred working fields – environment, yachting and tourism. These fields have my strong interest and there I also follow developments on a daily base. They have a common element, too which I have as special overarching topic: Sustainability. Why do I mention that here? To highlight that it would not cross my mind to offer you translations for some other specialist fields – among which medical, chemistry, philosophy or literature.





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